As the founder of Customer Faithful starting up the company in 2009, it was hard work – everything was new, with so many processes and set-up jobs to tackle.

Although it’s nearly 10 years on, we still remember our roots and have always been keen to support other small and start-up organisations (SMEs) take their first steps.

So we offer SMEs a range of support, centred around how to get up and running quickly and cost-effectively, from the basics of how to set up for ‘smart homeworking’, what accountancy and other software you’ll need to run an SME, through to more bespoke support for business strategy, creating your USP and wider marketing.

As researchers, we are also particularly focused on the new demands of GDPR legislation and have put together a special £499 package for getting SMEs fully compliant with this important and high-profile business requirement.


All our small business support is offered at very competitive day rates and begins with a free no-commitment introductory 60-minute meeting.

To find out more about how our business support can help small and start up organisations, contact