There are lots of reasons why companies want to engage positively and genuinely with employees, with many organisations setting their ambition to simply be “a great place to work”. But how does that actually happen in practice?

Many of our clients come to us asking:

  • “What are the most important employee issues we need to tackle?”
  • “How can we move from fire-fighting employee issues on a piecemeal basis to a company-culture where ideas for how we can ‘do things better’ is an everyday thing?”
  • “What are the benefits we can expect from employee engagement?”

For client new to employee engagement, we typically start with designing and facilitating a series of focus groups with a cross-section of employees, to give you an independent and honest appraisal of what matters most to your workforce.


Engagement Surveys


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Leadership & Team Coaching

Having analysed and presented their feedback to you, we can support you with workshops to develop initiatives and policies that can respond to what your employees told you.

Our initiative building workshops include how you can pilot ideas, track their progress and link them to wider performance goals, at both individual and company levels.

We’ll also offer you employee communication support, to help you to demonstrate to employees how you’re listening and responding to the valuable insight they’ve given you.

And perhaps most important of all, we’ll advise you on how to install ongoing employee engagement programmes, to take your investment from a ‘one-off’ activity to a continuous commitment to performance and improvement through employee engagement.

We partner with some of the world’s leading technology software to support this, giving your company a firm foundation to organising and measuring your employee engagement practice both now and in the future.

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"At Customer Faithful, we have designed a step-by-step approach to employee engagement, making it easy to plan and budget for."

Rick Harris, Customer Faithful

What are the benefits you can expect from our support in employee engagement?


1) Improved Employee Satisfaction: We’ve found the very activity of listening to employees using focus groups and targeted surveys is very well received by employees. From there onwards, it’s about responding with real action. Our findings are that employees become more committed to the success of the organisation and more actively promote its brand and activities to friends, colleagues and wider stakeholders. In short, they become more proud to work for you.  

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2) Higher Productivity: Engaged employees are more likely to ‘go the extra mile’  - in practice this means they become more driven to achieve their objectives, support their Managers, fellow team members and customers.

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3) Better Retention Rates: Employees who are engaged significantly lower the risk of turnover for the company. As employees increasingly feel that your organisation is truly “a great place to work” they become less likely to look elsewhere. Indeed, many act as ambassadors for your brand, helping to attract friends to the organisation, as they are willing to personally endorse what it’s like to work there.

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4) Creativity: We have found that employees who are passionate about their role and their company are more excited and active in putting forward new ideas for improving its products, services and simply ‘the way we do things around here’. For the most part, we believe this happens because they sense the organisational environment is one where leaders and management genuinely are interested and encourage them to be creative and try innovative approaches at work. That’s one of the great outcomes of employee engagement!

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