At Customer Faithful, we are committed to playing our part in taking care of the environment.

Whether in the office or travelling, we have identified our Top 10 things that we believe will make a real difference to a sustainable way of working. We hope you agree, and if you have any ideas we can add, we’re always interested to hear them at

Our Sustainable Working Practices – “Reduce, Re-use and recycle”

  1. We recycle our phonebooks and use the web instead (it’s more up-to-date anyway)
  2. We print documents double-sided and don’t print e-mails unless necessary
  3. When color is not important, we print in draft-quality gray scale (monochrome) which uses less ink
  4. We recycle all types of paper (except food wrappers) including junk mail, magazines, brochures, cardboard, manila folders, envelopes, etc.
  5. We recycle all our printer cartridges, CDs, electronics and office equipment
  6. All our printer paper is FSC- certified (Forest Stewardship Council)
  7. Our electrical equipment, including computers, printers and video monitors, are all Energy Star qualified products, which meet strict energy performance levels, help save money and protect our environment.
  8. We fully support internet technologies to reduce travel – we use Skype for internal meetings wherever possible, as well as whatever voice and videoconferencing facilities clients prefer
  9. Wherever practical, we use public transport to get around in the course of our work
  10. When car travel is necessary, we car-pool amongst ourselves whenever we can