Our patient experience work can be used in the service of patient support programmes, brand team guidance, reputation management or medical device design, amongst other applications. 

Our aim is to support the healthcare industry in making the improvement of patient experience as accepted and sought-after a goal as clinical outcomes. 

Our bespoke methodology, Lifelines™, takes centre stage in our approach. It allows us to bring empathy to our reporting; coding the most human moments into tangible themes and recommendations that ensure we always deliver actionable reports that combine heart with rigour.

We rarely conduct research in clinical settings. We believe in representing the true patient voice, whether this means conducting research in a person’s home, a favourite cafe, at a place of work – we have even interviewed patients at the hairdressers! In this way, we learn to define success through the eyes of patients, on par with the measures of success set by clinicians, healthcare providers and the pharma industry.

Our ongoing work in therapy areas including cancer, asthma and haemophilia is breaking new ground in demonstrating how the voice of the patient can directly influence healthcare design to centre on the needs of those using them, rather than those delivering them.


Face to Face Voice-of-the-Patient Research


Social Listening Voice-of-the-Patient Research


Meta Analysis of Past Research


Video Ethnography

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"This is how we define ‘patient centricity’ - to cast the patient in the role of ‘expert’, and seek to learn directly from their holistic views, stories and experiences, not just their symptoms."

Rick Harris, Customer Faithful

Our Philosophy of Patient Centricity

The guiding principle behind our work is to frame healthcare needs in the context of the individual lives of patients and those around them.

By bringing the ‘life experience’ of patients alongside more traditional healthcare information, Customer Faithful offers a far richer understanding of patients’ quality of life than traditional research, as well as where and how it may be enhanced.

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How Our Work is Used

We believe our focus on research-quality patient experience programmes is a vital link to a better understanding of a patient’s quality of life.  This leads to:

  • Detailed visibility of the needs of patients at given stages of therapy, and the role and impact it plays in their lives

  • Pinpointing where patients / families seek support when living with a condition, and how new/existing services could provide help

  • Demonstrating a patient-centred view of health to healthcare professionals, patient advocacy groups, key opinion leaders and beyond

  • Contributing thought-leadership and insight into wider stakeholder debate, such as policy development or public awareness

If you’re interested in finding out more about improving the experience of patients and caregivers, get in touch at info@customerfaithful.com