We were looking for novel methodologies that would allow us to develop a high-quality patient experience that ultimately could lead to enhanced clinical outcomes.

I would recommend Rick and Customer Faithful to any healthcare company that is looking to go beyond the “traditional” Patient Journey and really understand patients and their holistic disease support needs. His application of market research methodologies is unique and extremely valuable. He is a true partner and an extension of a company’s market research team.
— Director, Global Pharmaceutical Company
One of the very few firms I have worked with where it is obvious they truly challenge themselves to deliver at the highest-level. In a global environment, it was common to have multiple presentations, across multiple countries, and with all levels of leadership participating. I never paused or had concerns about “managing content or approach”—frankly it was always on the mark and provoked valuable discussions.
— Director, Global Pharmaceutical Company
Highly professional and discerning  research, culminating in a sharp and incisive final report packed full of practical recommendations. We have already integrated several of these recommendations into our new improved membership package and the feedback so far has been extremely positive.
— Founder, Membership Organisation
Clear thinking, great ideas, structured approach. We have worked with Rick and Customer Faithful over the years for brand development and within our global talent programme - they brought new ideas and inspiration to each intervention. I would recommend them.
— Director, Global Retailer
Customer Faithful gave us much needed direction and insight. Our objective was to target more design consultancy work and we are starting to see the results just a few months later.
— Owner, SME Designer Goods
Rick is one of those professionals who came in with an open mind to truly see how he could share and interweave his experience, leaving me and many of the senior management team at the time with a lasting framework to use across multiple situations. A humble, honest approach to delivering what you really need.
— Head of Merchandising, Global Retailer
Customer Faithful provided us with critical insights through combining social listening, focus groups and other research methodologies providing real world insights directly from patients. Their expertise, engagement and ability connecting the dots between various data points were highly valuable for us and our wider community. They changed our perceptions about the patient’s problems and the need for solutions.
— Team Leader, Global Pharmaceutical Company
Customer Faithful delivered the three things we needed most – a richness of detail about our customers needs, the ability to distill it into simple, clear recommendations for the brand, and a commitment to making the strategy work across our global business. Even against a challenging timeline, Customer Faithful came in on-time, on-budget and went the extra mile for us, to ensure we got the desired result.
— CEO, Global Retailer
They did a remarkable job in getting our people to open up and speak freely about the things they value and those that they want to see changed. The people that took part said it was a hugely constructive and positive experience. There is absolutely no way we could have gathered such rich information and insight without their expertise and guidance - I look forward to working with them again in the future
— HR Director, International Employment & Health Programmes Provider