New research has shown that the return of bus conductors could herald an increase in night bus users.

The UK wide public opinion poll, conducted by research consultancy Customer Faithful, found that almost a third of respondents said the re-introduction of “clippies” would be the single biggest factor in making them feel safer using buses at night.

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Rick Harris
Webinar: The paradox of authenticity vs. shared company values

In this 60-min webinar, recorded in October 2018, employee experience researcher Rick Harris and brand engagement specialist Carrie Bedingfield explore some of the tensions and possibilities of employees being true to themselves and to their company brand values.

This podcast is important listening for organisations involved in creating a strong, loyal culture without risking dogma or losing personal authenticity of their employees.

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Podcast: Shouldn't You Want to Delight Patients and Deliver Care?

In this 30-min podcast, recorded in the summer of 2018, patient experience researcher Rick Harris and corporate anthropologist Andi Simon discuss the principles and practicalities of seeking out the wisdom of patients and caregivers in a truly person-centric way.

This podcast is important listening for organisations involved in either the design or delivery of healthcare. If you’re interested in what patient-centricity should really be about, as defined by patients, this podcast is for you!

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HealthcareRick Harris
Is your employee engagement survey working?

Employee surveys are more commonplace than ever. And with so much of this survey activity moving online, it's never been easier to run a survey, contribute your views, and analyse the findings. Yet despite this, a staggering 87% of employees worldwide are still not engaged at work. This blogpost provides some essential tips for making employee surveys a route to success, and not just part of the problem….

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How To Innovate From Existing Ideas

Whilst innovation can come from completely new customer research, it's well worth considering fresh ways to re-invent the insight you already have. By combining new insight with existing initiatives, firms have the opportunity to create additional value, both to the business and its customers.

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