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Missed Appointments: Every One Counts

This report summarises the findings of our 2 year research project, exploring the reasons behind missed appointments, and what could help reduce them. The project was sponsored by Pfizer Ltd.

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Why “beyond-the-pill” is holding back Big Pharma

This article suggests that 'beyond-the-pill services actually reinforce a view of seeing a person as a patient. It suggests "around-the-person as an alternative.

It was originally published as a blogpost on this website, and has subsequently been reprinted in the BHBIA Journal 2018.

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Patient needs in advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma

This patient experience study of people living with kidney cancer highlighted what mattered most in patients' lives, using our Lifelines methodology. It was published in the US-based Patient Experience Journal.

The project was sponsored by Pfizer Ltd.


Podcast: Shouldn't You Want to Delight Patients and Deliver Care?

In this 30-min podcast, recorded in the summer of 2018, patient experience researcher Rick Harris and corporate anthropologist Andi Simon discuss the principles and practicalities of seeking out the wisdom of patients and caregivers in a truly person-centric way.

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Seminar Slides: How To Build A Better Research Design through Stakeholder Engagement

These slides provided the content for a seminar given by Rick Harris in November 2018 in the Sir Arthur Marshall Room, Engineering Design Centre, Cambridge University. It was aimed at supporting anyone seeking to design or conduct qualitative research studies that are customer, user or patient-centric. It focused on framing objectives that are truly user-centric, as well as demonstrating how to choose and engage stakeholders effectively, and the benefits that result from this. These slides also highlighted the value of presenting research findings in a more visual and dynamic way than is typical in traditional academia.