Introducing Lifelines Integrator

Integrator is the latest addition to the suite of Lifelines™ methodologies, a suite of tools for conducting customer journey research. We’re perhaps best-known for our award-winning Lifelines™, a method that captures rich customer experiences from 1-to-1 interviews and creates visualised insight maps, highlighting unmet need and missed opportunity.

Lifelines Integrator™ draws on the same analysis and coding techniques, but targets previously completed research. This enables our clients to extract maximum meaning from their research. The two-step process starts in classic Lifelines™ style, with experienced researchers analyzing documents and coding the findings. But this insight can also be augmented with artificial intelligence software (AI), powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and supervised machine learning, to provide additional layers of insight.


We convert these existing research reports and presentations into a well-organised and cross-referenced database. Contrary to expectations, we won’t advise a client to commission new research if we believe there is more to be learnt from their existing research. Often, using Lifelines Integrator™ to synthesise past studies can be the quickest, most cost-efficient route to valuable insight.

Don’t leave your past research on the shelf!

Lifelines™ Integrator is designed to tackle an age-old problem; most research findings are given a fixed shelf-life, rarely reviewed once the initial work has been completed. Imagine combining all your qualitative research reports alongside each other, summarized not just with the original findings, but updated with metadata ranging from touchpoints used, emotions expressed and secondary topics. Welcome to Integrator.

A whole host of benefits

  • Squeeze more value from previous budgets – trends can be identified by looking across multiple reports, rather than limited to one or two; sometimes preventing the need for freshly-commissioned research

  • Ongoing learning – employees could have a cross-referenceable library at their fingertips, easy-to-share and comment on. For new employees, research findings could be used as part of an induction program

  • Better briefs – future research briefs become more precise by defining the right questions 

  • GDPR compliant archives – safeguard your research data by converting paper or electronic files to a single online library with 256-bit encryption, compliant with EU data protection legislation (GDPR)

  • Rapid turnaround – Lifelines Integrator™ can combine a suite of existing research reports far quicker than newly commissioned research.

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To find out more about how to transform numerous existing research studies into a synthesized interactive insight database, contact today.