As more and more patients are choosing to use social media channels to publicly share their healthcare experiences, analytics companies now offer tracking and monitoring of this information.
We’d like to distinguish what’s different about our social listening...

If you’re looking to simply count the number of mentions of a drug brand or the frequency of conversations about a disease area over time, there are plenty of software houses who can do that for you; such as Brandwatch or Crimson Hexagon. 

In contrast, our social listening expertise is qualitative-led, in line with our broader skill set. We go beyond high-level trends to develop what we call social landscapes. These are designed to identify clusters of patient-defined issues around a particular topic, with each cluster being further divided into smaller groups to provide greater depth.

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Customer Faithful provided us with critical insights through combining social listening, focus groups and other research methodologies providing real world insights directly from patients. Their expertise, engagement and ability connecting the dots between various data points were highly valuable for us and our wider community. They changed our perceptions about the patient's problems and the need for solutions

Team Leader - Global Pharmaceutical Company

Our Social Landscapes are adept at highlighting causal links and sub-trends, often finding commonality where it can so easily be missed.

Social Landscapes can also draw upon quantified numeric data, but that’s not the end goal. Instead, like all our Lifelines™ research, the ambition is to organise clues illustrating how people experience and describe what matters. This helps us stay focused on always improving patient-defined outcomes as well as clinical ones.

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