We have a hard-earned reputation for creating tools, techniques and practical advice to highlight key unmet need and provide a clear framework for where and how to implement it.

Our client testimonials tell us that the results of our approach are the clarity of what matters and what to do next.

Customer Faithful is led by Rick Harris – after 20 years, now a ‘veteran’ of the UK customer experience scene, and still as passionate as ever about the importance and value of seeing businesses through the eyes of its customers.

Rick founded Customer Faithful in 2009, with the aim of making experience research easier to conduct and apply within organisations.

He has long been a champion of ‘Small Data’ – before such a trendy term was coined!

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Based in the UK, our work is international, with clients ranging from multinational corporations to privately-run organisations and small businesses. We are proud to work with many of our clients on an on-going basis, and we’re happy to arrange for a personal testimonial of our work on request.

Rick Harris, Customer Faithful

We are best known for our work in three core areas:


Patient Experience

Enabling those in healthcare, pharmaceuticals and biosciences to understand and centre their organisations around patients, caregivers and those who support them. We uncover what matters most to patients, using a range of methodologies. Our insights can be widely applied, from patient support to brand team guidance and reputation management.


Employee Engagement

Supporting companies who have an aspiration to be regarded by their employees as a great place to work. We use our qual research expertise & techniques to uncover, interpret and track employee motivation and engagement in the workplace. Our end-to-end services range from baseline ‘discovery’ engagement for new organizations, through to on-going Pulse surveys and senior team engagement programmes.


Customer Experience

Our expertise will help you hear, interpret and act on the voice-of-the-customer. It enables a better experience for customers, as well as improved business results.

IF you’re interested in finding out more about how we can bring our insights and tools to your organisation, get in touch at info@customerfaithful.com.