Meet The Team

If you choose to work with us, rest assured; as a small team there will be no delegation or outsourcing to junior colleagues. Each time you entrust your research budget to us, you are getting the best that Customer Faithful has to offer.

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Rick Harris

After 20 years working in the UK customer experience scene, Rick is as passionate as ever about the importance of seeing organisations through the eyes of their users, both at a commercial and individual level  He founded the company in 2009 goal with the goal of enabling companies to become 'customer faithful'. 

As a qualitative researcher, Rick also enjoys the role of being Customer Faithful’s Innovator-In-Chief! He is perhaps best known for his cutting edge methodologies in patient journey research with pharmaceutical companies. His current innovation in Augmented Intelligence and Machine Learning is developing new methods for the large-scale analysis of open-ended comments, across major international languages.


Amanda Forshew

Amanda has been a pioneer of customer experience for the last 15 years. She leverages data and insight to drive customer-led change within organisations across many sectors and geographies.
She is passionate about uncovering, narrating and championing the customer/ employee story to align companies so that they can deliver better, more valuable and on brand experiences. 
She is a recognised CX thought leader and has been named a top 10 global female CX influencer. She is also a columnist and advisor for, the world's largest online community dedicated to customer-centric business strategy. 


Ariele Noble

Ariele is a qualitative researcher and Chartered Counselling Psychologist, with particular interest in the field of Mental Health and Wellness.

Her work at Customer Faithful has focused on analysing experiences of individuals suffering from chronic illness to enhance quality of care. 
Ariele’s experience of working with a number of NHS Foundation Trusts has helped our projects to identify strengths and gaps in current UK healthcare practice as well as potential areas for improvement. 


Angie Fleming

With over ten years of experience across 3 continents, various industries, and diverse cultures, Angie’s work history has been dedicated to helping organisations unlock the power within their data.

By enabling them to access better data, they make smarter decisions, and as a result make a bigger impact on their people + planet + profits.

Angie drives cultural changes within organizations to become customer focused and data informed. By listening to their customers, clients gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ holistic experience and are able to make changes that significantly impact their customers' experience and simultaneously their bottom line.


Emma Chilvers

Emma is an experienced coach, consultant and facilitator. As a fully qualified individual and team coach, Emma is our go-to expert in helping organisations to work together and as leaders in areas such as organisational change, vision and values setting, strategy and planning.

Emma is certified to use a number of psychometric tools including MBTI. ORSC, DiSC and the Leadership Circle.