Turning Insight into Action.

Customer Faithful is a multi-disciplinary research consultancy, dedicated to highlighting unmet need in customer, patient and employee experience.

With team backgrounds in customer experience, clinical psychology and data specialism we all bring the same level of care - doing what we can to make qualitative research as accessible as possible, and our project outcomes as far-reaching as they can be.

Whether we are bringing light to the customer experience of a major high street brand, representing a patient’s truth in the boardroom or the reality of employee experience, our goal is to enable real-world evidence to improve life.


Patient Experience

Patient experience is our speciality. Our work with patients and caregivers uncovers the day-to-day reality of living with health challenges, and delivers qualitative research you can trust.


Customer Experience

Our in-depth techniques of customer attitude, feelings and behaviours give clients the edge over their competitors, in understanding the voice-of-the-customer and how to respond.

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Employee Engagement

We conduct employee engagement research to create a happy and productive workforce. From front line teams to the Board, we’ll find the insight you need to transform your teams.


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