Webinar: The paradox of authenticity vs. shared company values

In this 60-min webinar, recorded in October 2018, employee experience researcher Rick Harris and brand engagement specialist Carrie Bedingfield explore some of the tensions and possibilities of employees being true to themselves and to their company brand values.

Is towing the company line authentic? Is it loyalty? Or faking it?

The discussion covers topics including:

  • Where do values come from?

  • Surface acting vs deep acting.

  • Valuing difference vs rewarding conformity.

  • Improving employee surveys and creating solutions from the feedback.

This podcast is important listening for organisations involved in creating a strong, loyal culture without risking dogma or losing personal authenticity of their employees.

About The Speaker:
Rick Harris is the Founder of Customer Faithful - a research-led consultancy, specialising in patient experience, customer experience and employee engagement.
He has also served on the Advisory Panel for The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), and as a mentor for the entrepreneurial programmes 50th Generation and Ricoh Ignite.
Rick is a Public Governor for the Cambridge & Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust.