From Moving In to Moving On: The Tenant Experience Journey

The Task 

Circle is a major provider of social housing in the UK, as part of its wider mission to enhance people’s ‘life chances’. 

Circle asked Customer Faithful to explore the experience of its tenants, from everyday challenges through to landmark events such as moving in or out of their home. Our goal was to identify where Circle should focus its efforts to enhance the overall tenant experience. 


Circle Housing was formed from nine distinct Housing Associations, each bringing its own history and culture. As a result, Circle was aware that its own brand did not necessarily resonate with its tenants, many of whom still referenced their original Housing provider when describing their experiences.  

In order to understand these important variances, we designed a detailed insight programme, including reviewing previous research at a local level, conducting in-depth interviews, as well as a survey of over 600 tenants in order to test out and validate initial findings. 

For each of the three core customer segments, the project delivered a detailed Lifelines customer journey map, highlighting the main issues of tenant experience and the gap between customer importance and Circle delivery. In addition, we identified 4 foundation themes, defining in priority order, what makes for a great tenant experience. 

As is so often the case with our Lifelines insight approach, we uncovered some unexpected and revealing clues to how small issues can compound into major ones, such as how anti-social behaviour impacts the day-to-day atmosphere of living in and around the home.

Key Impact 

All the major recommendations were accepted by the Executive Board, which resulted in retraining for employees as well as revisions to service level contracts with selected 3rd party providers. 

Circle also incorporated the essence of the findings into a corporate rebranding.

Katy Carlisle