Sheffield Test Bed Patient Experience Research


“Sheffield Perfect Patient Pathway” is a test bed programme – aimed at conducting real world impact (RWI) evaluation of new technologies to improve patient care and reduce costs in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

As part of the programme, global pharmaceutical firm Teva designed and implemented the CareTRx™ Programme - a comprehensive digital respiratory solution, consisting of technology, services, assessments and interventions.

The overall aim of the collaboration between Teva and NHS Sheffield, was to co-create a patient centred programme to support patients in the self-management of their asthma, and potentially change how patients engage in the management of their health condition.

The Task

Teva commissioned Customer Faithful to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the patient experience across a 9-month test period. The research design consisted of patient interviews, focus groups and video observation, as well as feedback consultations with GPs, respiratory nurses and GP Practice Managers.

Key Impact 

Our written report of the CareTRx™ patient experience was shared with NHS Sheffield and Teva, providing:

  • a comprehensive breakdown of strengths and weaknesses
  • a summary of where and how additional services/experiences could increase the perceived value of the program
  • an assessment of how the format and content of information about their disease and treatments could be optimised for patients
  • recommendations for how learnings could be applied to similar programmes in the future

Teva won three awards at a Test Bed Celebration Event, including Best Patient Story, Best Information Materials Award, and a Patient Support Award for our CareTRx™ Nurses.

Katy Carlisle