4hr 1-to-1 Working Session: the fast-track step-by-step guide to GDPR compliance for small business


We know how hard it is as a small business to set up proper GDPR compliance - it took us months to achieve it! So we thought we might as well help others to do it more easily, by turning our knowledge into a personal 1-to-1 coaching session -  you can learn in just 4 hours, without all the pain! Just email rick@customerfaithful.com to book your session, and put an end to your GDPR compliance worries!

About this 1-to-1 Session

We have custom-designed this for SMEs who want to conduct marketing activities in a GDPR-friendly way. Its two-part formula targets two core objectives:

  1. To enable organisations to be GDPR compliant in the personal data they hold

  2. To guide how contact details and other personal data can be used effectively in outbound marketing

The 1-to-1 session is a blend of consultative review and practical guidance, packed with advice, step-by-step guides and worked examples to get you up-and-running with marketing in a post-GDPR world! You will come away from this 4-hour session with the knowledge, materials and enthusiasm to embrace GDPR as a positive opportunity. Each session will be conducted by Rick Harris, Managing Director of Customer Faithful. Rick has nearly 20 years’ experience of research and marketing, working with B2B and B2C organisations. Rick’s work style is fun and energetic, so expect a lively and engaging session of practical learning!

Who would get most from this session?

  • Perfect for established SMEs and emerging start-up seeking assurance in how to comply with GDPR and turn this into a positive platform for marketing

  • Great for those wanting to update their online and offline marketing approach in a GDPR-friendly way

  • Ideal for organisations wanting to use social media as part of their marketing mix in an effective and responsible way

  • Suitable for small companies who need to demonstrate their GDPR compliance and processes to their clients/prospective clients

What outputs can I expect from my session?

Each workshop will be customised to suit the needs of the organisation. Nevertheless, you should expect 5 specific outputs to include:

  1. the required foundation documents and processes to ensure GDPR compliance

  2. a practical approach for how to transition existing customers and prospects to a post-GDPR way of handling them

  3. advice and recommendations for how to conduct outbound, targeted marketing activity and initiatives

  4. how to engage and/or contract with your employees, freelancers and other suppliers in an appropriate GDPR compliant way

  5. tips and tricks for cost-effective marketing that plays nicely with GDPR!

Want to see a sneaky preview?! Here’s a podcast Q&A webinar with Rick, answering some frequently asked questions about what you can and cannot do with marketing lists and other prospecting activity in a post GDPR world!


The 4-hour session is typically conducted on client premises, or at a location of the client’s choice, and costs £499 plus VAT. For those outside of the UK, it can be conducted as two x 2-hour virtual meetings, although we do recommend face-to-face, so please get in touch, and we will try to facilitate a physical meeting.

Contact rick@customerfaithful.com to arrange your session.

Why Customer Faithful for GDPR?

Customer Faithful's work with consumers and patients involves regular handling of personal data, including medical records, transactions and contact details. In preparing for GDPR, our Founder Rick Harris has become something of a champion for enabling small businesses to learn to cope with the new regulations, and has encouraged his network of clients, colleagues and suppliers to embrace the opportunities of GDPR, as well as dealing with its challenges.