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Why Signature Moments Are Not Enough

‘Signature moments’ are particular features, built to typify a brand – to shine out as something distinctive, memorable, iconic even. Yet this article will argue that these much-vaunted signatures can too often substitute a higher goal – that of serving a customer’s individual needs with appropriately branded behaviour.

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How to find customer loyalty…without buying it

Loyal customers are often seen by marketers as the 'ideal customer segment'. But what's making them loyal? Is it your brand, your customer proposition, or simply the deal? In this article, we suggest a step-by-step process for making sure your customer segmentation is based on more than just low prices and promos.....

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Learning to love Retail Un-Bundling

Traditionally, retail bundling offered multi-buys that reduces bestseller prices, but only when purchased with one or more other items. But times....and techniques are changing, with unbundling promotions that can help all industry sectors, whether B2B or B2C. Find out how unbundling could help your business.

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