Employee Engagement

In recent years, we have been asked by clients to provide specific support for engaging with and motivating employees. In particular, our goal has been to identify ways to inspire employees to contribute to organisational success, alongside an enhanced sense of their own well-being. In developing our support for this, our ideas have grown iteratively, with each element bespoke to client requirements. One of our key techniques has been to apply our Lifelinesmethodology, conducting employee focus groups and internal online surveys to establish a baseline of motivation and engagement levels.

employee engagement
employee engagement

For some clients, we’ve developed workshops and training programmes that inspire employees to actively apply the brand values of their organisation in creative ways. Rather than designing our training activities as a course to be ‘completed’, our concept has been to use them more as a springboard – a starting point that enables its users to go further and higher in expressing themselves and the organisation they represent.

Other examples include providing keynote presentations for both internal and external events, offering practical ways to encourage and foster brand champion attitude and behaviour.

How Does Our Employee Engagement deliver value to the business?

An engaged workforce delivers a raft of commercially tangible benefits to the organisation, including:

  • better appreciation of customer needs
  • less likelihood to leave
  • fewer sick days
  • greater recommendation of the organizations’ products & services to others.[1]

Indeed, we’ve found that simply the very process of conducting listening and feedback activities with employees drives a higher level of satisfaction in the workplace.

Yet, even more striking is how employees themselves judge the impact of employee engagement in their workplace, such as:

  • greater ability and willingness for innovation and continuous improvement
  • higher levels of customer service
  • stronger capability in sales and marketing.

[1]Source: KPMG: The real value of engaged employees