From our research work with patients across over a decade of studies, we know how valuable it is to understand the context behind what matters to patients (and their caregivers). Patient stories and experiences are as much a part of developing a care plan for living well with a health condition as clinical symptoms.

Video diaries are an increasingly popular and accessible way to capture not just what patients need for support and care, but also in how healthcare fits into their everyday lives. We love that it educates us and our clients on many levels – 1) deep in meaning 2) rich in context and 3) emotionally engaging. Patient diaries provide insight into their ethnography (the study of peoples’ customs and habits), to help us learn how to improve patient outcomes more holistically – inclusive of their emotional and social needs as well as their physical ones.


I would recommend Rick and Customer Faithful to any healthcare company that is looking to go beyond the “traditional” Patient Journey and really understand patients and their holistic disease support needs. His application of market research methodologies is unique and extremely valuable. He is a true partner and an extension of a company’s market research team.

Director -Global Pharmaceutical Company

Customer Faithful conducts video diary research, typically as part of a wider mix of methods, such as social listening, face-to-face interviews and analysis of past research.

We’ll be honest in saying that until recently, we had our reservations about video diaries, largely because of the required effort on behalf of the participant to complete them. However, with the advent of apps on mobile phones, posting a video has become much easier and more convenient, both for patients and research moderators conducting the study.

Video diary research is not as simple as it looks! It requires skilled researchers to develop topic guides which balance the issues to be explored with the necessary freedom for participants to speak openly and naturally. The secret to successful diaries is authenticity – the last thing you want is for patients to tell you what they think you want to hear!

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